Tom Rath, a scientist and researcher, has concluded that there are three keys to improve your life, and they are: meaning, interaction and energy.

He explains the following:

Meaning is doing something that benefits another person.

Interactions is creating far more positive than negative moments.

Energy is making choices that improve your mental and physical health.

Meaning is not searching for happiness, but for what makes life worthy. Meaning is giving value to what we do, remembering two things: to focus on creating happiness for others, and considering that money is not a measurement of happiness. Once the basic needs are covered, having money does not make a significant difference in your daily life. So, everything we live, even the happy and sad events, the smaller and larger things, become valuable when we give them meaning.

Interaction makes a difference in our well-being, by the people we connect with every day… more than the distant relationships. We must seek to improve our relationships with the people in our lives, being kind and considerate. We must pay attention to the people we interact with, our spouses, parents, children, friends and neighbors and coworkers. As we improve our interactions with them we will have greater well being. Tom Rath explains, “We must create more positive moments than negative ones.”

Energy is what we need to protect and consider carefully. Each day we get up with an X amount of energy and we need to use it wisely. There are things that steal energy: sleeping poorly, sleeping too little, being too attached to the virtual world, eating poorly, eating too much, disregarding our health, being angry, resentful and bitter… these are things that steal our energy. Living in a rush, without time of reflection also steals our energy. We need to be constantly observant of our use of time, our bodies, our mind, our spiritual life.

Don’t wait another moment to improve your wellbeing. You can start today giving value to your life, paying attention to those who surround you, and guarding your energy. Don’t wait for things to change before you take time to smile more and practice more kindness. Sow words of encouragement, be unceasingly respectful towards others… and you will reap the benefits. Small significant actions today will lead to greater impacts in the long run.

Start right now!

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