Ten energy thieves

How often we discover that our strength is stolen each day, and we lose our enthusiasm for life, and the energy to get up each day and face each day with stamina. We need to identify those things that rob us of joy and strength, to be able to confront them. Here is a suggested list of ten thieves:

ONE. Negative thinking. Negative thoughts take us into the role of victimhood, of uselessness. We have thousands of thoughts each day, which we need to focus on faith, on hope, instead of what is wrong or difficult. The more negative we are in our thinking, the more lost opportunities we have. Our negative attitude will limit our choices and attitudes.

TWO. A disorganized life. People who live in disorder don’t fulfill their responsibilities, they do not advance in their lives. Start each day with pen and paper in hand, write down your responsibilities, use your agenda to organize and plan your life as best as possible. Write down each area of your life, the challenges you are facing in each one, and write at least five to ten ideas or solutions for each situation. Organization will free up precious time for you to spend with your family, friends and recreation, which will also add quality to your life. And keeping track of your activities and achievements will give you a greater sense of accomplishment.

THREE. Focusing excessively in the past. Focusing in the past does not change things. It is good to analyze and reflect on what is past, but living our days focusing in the past does not improve our future. Accept the past, seek out your healing, but focus your attention on the present and the future.

FOUR. Being careless about your health. Resting poorly. Not being physically active. Ignoring times of recreation and fun. Eating improperly. Emerson wrote: “The first wealth is health.”

FIVE. Resisting reality. When we resist reality, we will be upset and lose our peace. Even if our reality hurts, we need to start by accepting it, and making possible changes. But ignoring or resisting what is, will only had more sorrow and exhaustion to our present moment….and will not solve anything!

SIX. Not healing and dealing with our bitterness, resentment and anger. When we don’t practice forgiveness, we end up bitter and angry, which robs us of a lot of joy and peace, and also affects our health negatively. Notice what makes you angry and bitter, and seek the healing and counsel you may need.

SEVEN. Ignoring your emotions. You need to be aware of your emotions, whichever they are. Emotions are useful for us to understand what we are living and feeling. Emotions do not need to rule our lives, but if we are aware of them, we can administrate our feelings and actions in a mature way, taking action responsibly.

EIGHT. Not dealing with unresolved issues. Unresolved issues make us lose our order and our mental peace. We carry around tons of emotional baggage and unattended situations which only bog us down. We need to deal with the important issues in our lives, make decisions, or seek alternatives, for all the situations we are facing. Stop procrastinating and take action!

NINE. Unbalanced expectations. Expectations make us want everything fast, our way or demand from others what is unreasonable. Instead of focusing on expecting from others (which will only bring you resentment), focus of your share of the responsibility. Take charge of what is your share in life.

TEN. Lack of prayer, meditation and reflection. All the previous points are an overview of this point. When we live in a hurry, without reflection, we lose wisdom. We need daily time to pray, to plan, to think and meditate.

The Bible writes wisely:

Proverbs 19:2 (NLT) says: “Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.” The NIV writes: “Desire without knowledge is not good –how much more will hasty feet miss the way!!

Let’s take time to examine these ten thieves of energy and recover more wisdom and maturity in our lives!

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