A quick way to raise your wellbeing

What can you do today to raise your wellbeing level? Raise your level of gratitude!

Science is affirming today that gratitude is a “brain fertilizer”. Investigations also say that gratitude raises your energy and enthusiasm. Gratitude helps you balance your focus between yourself and the world; it helps you to be more caring, more understanding and empathic. It improves your psychological health. It connects you better with people. It reduces aggression and improves self-esteem. Gratitude helps you to overcome traumatic and difficult situations, as it elevates your resilience, your capacity to recover during tough times. Gratefulness helps you fight envy and resentment.

Gratitude has many benefits. It improves the quality of your sleep. When we don’t sleep well, we don’t recover well from the daily wear and tear. Gratitude not only improves your rest, but it also diminishes anxiety and depression.

What can you do to improve your gratitude? Every night write down at least ten things for which you are grateful. Keep a gratitude diary on your night table, and keep track of the blessings and good things in your life. Express your gratitude daily to the people around you. Leave notes of appreciation for your family and friends. Gratitude will help you focus on the positive things in your life, and will help you be more generous. “I can live for two months on a good compliment”, wrote Mark Twain. Your words of approval and kindness will inspire those around you.

Gratitude helps us not to get stuck to our failures and problems, and opens the door to solutions. Gratitude makes us value what we have, and helps us to reduce our anxiety of trying to always have more. Being grateful improves the relationship with the people in your life, and strengthens the social ties.

Learn to improve the practice of gratitude in your life, and you will improve your wellbeing!

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