Have you taken time for yourself today?

Taking time for ourselves is a great challenge today. Many things, activities and preoccupations steal our personal space. This means turning off the cell phone, the computer, ignoring television…. This quiet time is the time we need most each day! Time to reflect, meditate, take a break, plan.

Technology is robbing us of this time. Today the average time we are connected on social media and Internet is over two hours. The studies indicate that even though we are the generation with the most online connection in history, it makes little difference in our wellbeing, and does not keep depression away. Sadly, the social media offers the illusion of resolving our loneliness, but it is not so. It can worsen it. We even disconnect from ourselves, and we are disconnecting with others.

Taking time alone is no easy feat. We are afraid of ourselves. But being alone gives us the opportunity of exploring what we are, what we desire, what we are living.

It is generally even harder for a woman to take this alone time, as she has greater expectations of our society to always be taking care of others: when a woman has free time, she usually uses it to catch up with pending responsibilities! For the man it is easier, as it is more sociably accepted that he watch television, have a hobby, practice a sport, or have free time to himself.

Even couples need individual time. A marriage counselor wrote that the personal time of the spouses improves marriage, and that couples are less critical and irritable when each spouse has taken time to do something he/she enjoys. We also need time out from relatives and friends.

We make our best decisions in aloneness. It is time where we can discover how tied down we are to so many external activities that rob our time and our peace and rest. In aloneness we can learn how to enjoy reading, reflecting, writing, we can learn how to enrich our lives. In our aloneness we open our lives to grow, learn and discover.

Take this minutes of alone time with a walk, working on your garden, taking a few minutes in your office, watching the stars, even taking time when you are surrounded by people.

Taking time alone is a great gift to yourself.

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