Choose your words

It’s not difficult to find the person that is negative…. As soon as he is talking, you can discover the negativity in his words!Nothing is doing well.

Everything is a mess.

Who knows who this will end.

It only happens to me!

Who cares. Why try!

These people have so many negative thoughts that they continually come out in the conversation. And not only that, but “misery wants company”, so they want others to be miserable and commiserate with them!

Matthew 12:34 reveals: “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” This is clear to understand: what occupies our mind and fills our thoughts will affect our lives. Are we negative people? It will come out in our words.

Jesus teaches that the root of the problem, in Matthew 15:11, 18-19, that this negativity is already in our hearts and simply comes out in our words and actions.

It is easy to think that what is outside of us, called environment, media or society, infiltrates our homes and lives and causes damage. It is true. But it is even truer that what already exists in our hearts and thoughts is what opens the door to what is outside of us. Whatever fills my thoughts will be reflected in my heart, and what my heart decides will reflect my attitude towards life.

Each person has a choice of two paths in the walk of life. A path that takes us closer to a life of blessing, and another path that just… leads us away. What will we choose? Will be choose to improve our thoughts and our words?

That is the battle in our lives. In our thoughts. In our heart. Whoever or whatever owns our hearts will be the owner of our words, our actions and our decisions.

May the owner of your heart be thoughts of peace and wisdom. And the result will be words of peace and wisdom.

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