Drop your excuses

We all use excuses in our daily life. But when they become obstacles and limitations, we stop growing and moving ahead.

An excuse is a motive or pretext that we use to avoid an obligation, to explain an omission or a fault. Excuses can be useful to avoid responsibilities and commitments.

What are some of our excuses?

I don’t have time. I can’t get organized. Nobody is helping me. I’m too old. I’m too young. I’m too scared. I never did it before. It’s hard for me to start.

Can you add some of your owh excuses?

The solution in simple. Take action.

Think of the 3 most important things that you left aside because of your excuses.

Perhaps you have been neglecting your health. Maybe you didn’t start studying, maybe you quit your studies. Perhaps you neglected your personal time and didn’t take time for that hobby you wanted. You didn’t take painting lessons, you didn’t exercise, nor read the books you wanted to read. You are neglecting family time. You are not organized.

Write three things today that you will start with only a small and mínimum change. Take time in silence, turn off your cell phone, take a walk by yourself, turn off the television, and take time to meditate and reflect.

Think: What small steps can I take today to reverse my excuses? Start with paper and pen in hand and write down your definitions. There is something beautiful, creative and challenging that is waiting to happen in your life.

When you start making those small steps, you will discover a world with more inspiration, with less sadness, less complaining and more action. And each day you will finish with a greater motivation because of the small steps you took.

Don’t limit yourself, and start today!

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