Studies indicate that if a person is not moving out of his comfort zone, his brain is not learning When your brain, your soul and your spirit leave the comfort zone, a person is challenged to grow. Routine and too much stability can block your growth. Routine and stability are useful for the daily responsibilities, but can block us from personal and spiritual growth. We can stagnate where we are by preferring what is comfortable and familiar.

A quote says, “A boat is safe at the port, but it was not built do stay there.” Try a small risk today. Break some of your routines. Do something different. Start something that is important for you that you have been procrastinating.

You need to face your fears and grow in courage. Something new is coming to your life, but you need to expand, grow, move ahead, learn something new, try again something you abandoned. It will be different to do this, but it will inspire and renew you.

So… pack your bags. There is a new trip facing you in your life, a trip of challenges and new beginnings. A new adventure awaits!

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