Two warriors were wounded by arrows in the middle of the battle. The first warrior looked at the arrow and panicked. His bravery left him and he dropped his sword. His enemies defeated him.

The second warrior was also wounded by an arrow, but when he looked at it, he decided to double his efforts and continued his attack bravely, defeating his enemies.

This story tells us about two reactions to the same reality. Each warrior was actually wounded by two arrows, the first one that wounded their shoulder, and the second one which presented the dilemma of reaction. What to do facing the arrow in the shoulder? The first warrior was defeated by the arrow of doubt and fear, the second warrior chose bravery and effort.

This “second” arrow can either discourage or limit us, or the second arrow can make us react with more strength and determination.

We can ask ourselves, what are we doing with the second arrow that has hit us? What are the challenges, problems and battles that are being determined by our second reaction?

Let’s choose the second arrow of bravery, of courage, of not giving up.

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