The idea is the following: what is measured can be improved. What can be measured can grow. What can be measured can be analyzed and corrected. But, what happens if you don’t measure?

We all have activities and responsibilities in our lives… but if we don’t measure what we do, it is more difficult to improve and grow. Our attention and our follow-up is what will make a difference.

If we go to the gym, we must evaluate the quantity of sit-ups we make, and the kilos we lift in the weights. If we walk, how many minutes and how many kilometers do we walk? If we read books, how many books do we read and which ones?

That which we measure makes us aware of how we can improve our lives. The simplest advice is to have a notebook at your night table, and each night evaluate the productivity of your day. What did you do? What didn’t you do? Did you work on your priorities? Did you watch your health? Did you take family time? Are you resting appropriately?

Make a list of all your responsibilities and assign them a priority and a measurement system. This way you will be able to grow in your productivity in each area. Time is short. Let’s measure life to make it more fulfilling.

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