“Dress me slowly I’m in a hurry,” are words attributed to Napoleon. Today we live in a world with great superficiality and with information excess. Our attentions jumps continuously all day from info to info. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…. These networks are always stealing our attention and our focus. We have lost the notion of tranquility, reflection and pause. We have many superficial opinions, but we do not dig much deeper into thought. Speed has certainly helped us a lot, yes, there are many benefits to the modernity of life, yes, Internet can be a blessing and a useful tool. But it is only when we can master these tools that we can truly be free of their excessive demands.

The actress Carrie Fisher said, “Instant gratification takes too long.” We are very busy, but we are losing our focus, we are enjoying life less, we are diluting our values in this hurriedness. We have lost the silence, the quietness, the enjoyment of the family along the way. We are losing connection with our relationships.

Slowing down is more than reducing speed; it is an attitude towards life. Slowness speaks of calm, intuition, reflection. Let’s be aware of our speed in life, let’s reduce our activism and let’s take time for meditation and thought. Let’s work on clearer priorities and in keeping calm in the midst of our modern chaos. Let pause and slowness become our treasure.

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