Dream but plan....

Author Zig Ziglar recommends doing what he estimates only 3% of people do: plan. There are three suggested steps:

One. Dream! Let your imagination run on a white page. Write down at least 25 dreams.

Two. Wait over 24 hs. To go back to your list and answer the following question, Why? If you cannot verbalize in a sentence what you want to be, do or have, then it is not a dream and it will not become a goal. Cross those off the list.

Three. Ask the following 5 questions from each dream on your list:

  1. Is it really MY dream?

  2. Is it morally correct and fair for all involved?

  3. Is it consistent with my other goals?

  4. Can I commit myself emotionally to finish this goal?

  5. Can I “see” myself reaching this goal?

You must be able to answer “yes” to these 5 questions on each goal, and if not, remove them from the list.


Will it make me happier?

Will it make me healthier?

Will it prosper my life?

Will it give me more peace?

Will it improve my relationship with others?

You have now eliminated more goals. (Actually, they were not goals, but thoughts and desires). Now divide these remaining goals into 3 lists: short term goals (less than a month), medium term (between a month and a year to achieve) and long term (beyond a year). This will help you balance out your perspective between what you need to do today and plan ahead.

Remember, your goals need to be big enough for you to stretch and grow in your potential. Keep your list on hand and review it nightly if possible, and weekly and monthly.

If you had read this far, congratulations! You have certainly reconsidered something new to be able to dream…. And plan accordingly.

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