Emotional self care in times of pandemia

In the short time this pandemia has been sweeping our planet, it has bought grave consequences such as sickness, fears, economic risks, enormous changes and adjustments. We are impacted by a sense of helplessness, bombarded by news (true and false) and socially isolated. We have incredible challenges ahead, and we have had to add new habits such as continuously washing our hands with soap and using masks on our faces.

These days it is extremely important to care for our emotional health, alongside all the medical and social precautions. Your emotional health impacts your immune system, the confinement in the homes will bring added friction and stress. Be aware of these realities to deal with them appropriately.

Start by paying attention to your emotions: neither minimize nor exaggerate them. You need to “feel” and “live” your emotions, even if they are painful or complicated. Being able to notice them and even name them as accurately as you can without resisting them will help your emotional health. Take care of your rest and your spiritual and mental wellbeing also.

Another way to improve your emotions is to focus on the actions you can do, instead of focusing on what you can’t. You can read, study, read good books, communicate with others, watch inspiring movies, organize your photos, write a book, write poetry, paint, plan… you can also walk, stretch or make simple exercises within your allowed confinement space according to your physical limits.

Reduce your news consumption. An overload of information can harm your emotional health and spike your fears. Make sure you see or listen to serious news sources, and don´t jump into the overwhelm that is present in our networks. Use the Internet wisely, and take time to encourage and contact people, even those that are not so close to you.

These difficult times will continue for the months ahead, and the future consequences will be enormous. Each day we have the opportunity of improving our small part of the world, starting with our own family and friends. We can be an example, we can smile to those we see from afar. Instead of using your emotional energy in worrying, think of sharing with generosity and kindness from your quarantine. Transform these obstacles into opportunities.

There is always something we can do, starting with taking good care of our emotions.

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