What can I do with my anxiety

Anxiety is part of our daily lives. Children, adolescents and young people also suffer anxiety, not only adults. Anxiety is simply the expression of fear that manifests in our bodies. When we are anxious, we are afraid something may happen, and we fill ourselves with thoughts of fear and anguish. Anxiety robs us of our rest, our health and wellbeing. The thoughts that look back in remorse and negativity, and the thoughts that look towards the future focus on uncertainty and worry are two points of view add to your anxiety.

Ask yourself, Is my anxiety really consistent with what I am going through? Or is it exaggerated and out of context?

What can be done? The investigators recommend that we not pay excessive attention to the fears, because that is how they grow. But trying to repress them is not the solution. But you can improve your thoughts and observe your emotions without identifying so much with them.

Some tips to reduce anxiety

Define clear objectives and take action. Take small steps which you can take each day.

Recognize that you can’t control everything.

To grow you have to leave your comfort zone. Each day make the decision of getting up to grow and extend yourself.

Don’t make difficult decisions when you are not thinking clearly. Take your important decisions from a calm mind.

Practice breathing deeply and slowly for several minutes several times a day. This kind of breathing is a great tool to diminish your emotional tension.

Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and actions you live daily to analyze their connection with your anxiety.

“Make” times of joy and fun each day, so your body will produce endorphins and build your defense mechanisms. Be a person who shares love and gratitude each day with the people around you. Sydney J. Harris said, “The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.” Work on your wellbeing.

Think of anxiety of a message that requires your attention that is warning you to make changes and improve your decisions.

Physical exercise is an excellent option to face anxiety, as long as it accompanies good decisions and actions. A stressed body produces headaches, indigestions and other physical consequences.

Finally, don’t resist what is happening in your life. Resistance only aggravates your anxiety. Does it mean you give up and quit? No, of course not, it means that from the acceptance of what is, you can make the actions that only depend on you. For instance, you can reduce your complaining.

Writer Steven Covey wrote: “The way we see the problem is the problem.” We can change our focus of our problems, and look at them as opportunities, challenges or steps in our growth. Focus your efforts on solutions instead of problems.

Once you start with the changes, new opportunities will arrive. Each night take time to write out all the actions you did that day to grow and move forward. Plan your next day. And appreciate your friends and family with a message, and encouraging word, and if you can, with a hug.

This is how you can reduce your anxiety.

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