The power of focus

Each day we face hundreds of messages by whatsapp, by (fake and real) news, YouTube videos, and television series… our focus is on overload!

If you get each morning and think negatively of your day, you will have a negative day. If you get up each morning with enthusiasm and gratitude, you will have a great day. Where will your focus go? If you let your attention jump like a rabbit from one thing to another, with no plan, with no intention, you will have an unproductive day. You may be busy, but the question follows… is your day productive?

Our focus is one of our most personal powerful tools, if we choose to use it wisely. So many things are calling for our attention, and it is easy to lose focus. Focus is an essential mental discipline, and those who harness it with purpose will achieve better levels of wellbeing and reach more goals.

How can we improve our focus?

We must start with its definition: Focus is the action and consequence of focusing. It is guiding the attention towards a matter, problem or situation with anticipation with the aim of resolving it in a correct way.

How can you take the right actions if you are not clear about your focus?

The first challenge of focus is to clearly define what you want. Your actions and attitudes are a reflection of your priorities. If you want to change your actions and attitudes you need to rethink your priorities. What is really important for you? When your goals are clear, it will be so much easier to focus on actions that will take you to advance in your personal goals instead of distracting yourself unnecessarily.

Define the intention of your focus. To study? To do certain activities? Improve your health? Organize your life? Care for your marriage… your children? Write a goal for each area in which you have responsibilities. To keep focused, keep your goals, values and priorities on a piece of paper and keep it on hand at your night table, to review each day.

Keeping your focus on your priorities will reduce your stress, improve your wellbeing, and raise your efficiency.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is important for me that I have neglected lately?

What important things am I avoiding by wasting endless hours in front of a screen? Am I willing to limit my use of the Internet and television to work on my priorities?

What small habits and steps can I include in my daily life that will advance my life towards my priorities¿

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality”, wrote George Lucas in Star Wars.

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