85 days in a sailboat

Juan Manuel Ballestero is an Argentine sailor, 47 years old, who was caught in Europe due to the pandemic. But he wanted to return to his country to see his parents of 90 and 82 years of age. He decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean in his 100 foot long sailboat. The trip took him 85 days from Madeira, a Portuguese island, to the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, a trip of more than 5000 miles.

During the trip, the boat suffered fissures, and during a storm, the sailboat overturned because of the waves. One of his most difficult moments was when he entered days without wind.

He meant to arrive for his father’s birthday, but because of the repairs he made in Porto Belo, Brazil, he was delayed and arrived for Father’s Day, June 2020.

He made a great effort to achieve his mission.

Perhaps we may not have to go through such great obstacles, but we do have the challenge to move forward to our goals. We need to keep working towards what is important for us. Even through obstacles.

Our mission is worth it.

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