Lessons from the flight of the geese

Geese migrate and fly in a “V” formation. They fly this way to maximize their energy as it diminishes the resistance of the wind. Not only do they have to fly in the correct place in the formation, but they have to flap their wings in synchronicity to benefit from the aerodynamics. Flying in “V” also makes it easier to monitor the participation of all the geese. (Even fighter planes use this formation for this reason). They all fly in the same direction of the group, which makes them arrive faster and safer. Flying together this way increases their performance and diminishes their exhaustion.

Geese can fly up to 40 miles an hour if the wind is in favor. When the climate is good, they can fly up to 1,500 miles a day. By night they sleep on the water, with several geese taking guard.

We have lessons to learn from these organized and intelligent birds.

The goose that leaves the formation suffers great resistance flying alone. Flying together, the effort is reduced. The scientists analyzed that birds that fly alone have to flap their winds more often and have a greater heart rhythm acceleration, so they tire easily. So, there are great benefits in team working.

Is your family aligned in the same purpose? Are you aligned in your job, with your friends? Are we helping ourselves and others to live better and diminish tiredness?

When the lead goose tires, he goes to the end of the “V” formation to regain strength and give room to another to take the lead. Are you sharing your burdens with appropriate people to renew your strength?

When a goose is tired or wounded, he is accompanied by the stronger geese. Are you encouraging people who are wounded or tired?

Geese fly honking to encourage the others to continue in the formation to arrive at their destination. Are you encouraging your spouse, your children, your coworkers, your study partners? Do your words inspire?

When we achieve the team spirit, we go further and travel better. We won’t be alone, we will be supported, and we will certainly arrive better to our goals. But we need humility, patience and effort.

It is most worthwhile to learn from the geese.

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